Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit


What if Elizabeth hadn’t lost her temper during Mr. Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford? What if Darcy never sent her the letter explaining his actions with Wickham and Jane? With no way to discover her true objections to him, how can Darcy ever overcome Elizabeth’s dislike? See what reviewers say about this tale:

“I was thoroughly surprised how much I enjoyed this book. The surprise was internal – remembering reading Pride and Prejudice during my school years – I did not expect to actually enjoy the read. And I felt satisfied – which rarely happens – that all the pertinent details and circumstances were adequately resolved.”

“. . .  I really did enjoy this variation and the many twists that Ms. Owen had. It was refreshing to note the new places that some of Austen’s comments were incorporated. Dialogue was very good for the most part and nice additions to the plot. I especially enjoyed the ‘tongue in cheek’ comments.”

“I think Jane Austen would be delighted and flattered to read this book. Easy read. Witty, fun, and romantic.”

“This variation stays true to the original story and characters, however it just takes a few different twists and turns.Very enjoyable. You won’t be disappointed.”

Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit is available on Amazon for purchase or for download via Kindle Unlimited or Kindle Prime.