Love’s Fool



What if Lydia married someone who made her grow up? That is the basis for this sequel to Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit. Can Lydia ever truly reform and still be Lydia? Find out why reviewers love this story so much:

“I wouldn’t believe I could enjoy Lydia’s story, but I have!”

“I had almost given up on Pride and Prejudice variations after having read so many poor adaptations. But this is such a wonderful imagining of Lydia’s story! The characters are true to Austen’s originals, and the development of the story is just fantastic. Really, really loved this!”

“One of the best variations I have read. Exceptional writing and plot. Loved Lydia by the end of book. Highly recommend.”

“This was a terrific find and a story I simply couldn’t put down. Wonderful characters, revealed through their writing. And I loved the epilogue; it made the Bennets seem entirely historical and real. I really liked the first book, Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit, but I LOVED this sequel even more. Who would ever have imagined Lydia’s story turning out this way? Great themes of redemption, the role of choices in our lives, and self-determination. I LOVED this novel!”

Love’s Fool: The Taming of Lydia Bennet is available for purchase or borrow on Amazon.