Common Ground


After the train platform . . . after the kiss . . John and Margaret must overcome challenges together as they prepare to marry. But nothing is ever easy for our headstrong, energetic couple. Follow them from their engagement through the first year of marriage and beyond in this North and South continuation. From reviewers:

” . . . fans of the miniseries wish to experience the continuing attraction between the two strong characters, Margaret and Thornton, and that is delivered with class. Gaskell herself would approve, I am sure.”

“If [Elaine Owen’s] goal was capturing the voice of each character, as portrayed in the miniseries, then she succeeded. I could almost literally hear the actors’ voices as I read the story’s dialogue, and I could certainly picture their faces acting out each part of the plot line.”

“I’m a sucker for stories such as these. I’m happy I got the chance to read a good book like this!! Is there more??”

Common Ground is available for purchase in either Kindle or paperback version through Amazon, as well as available for download through Kindle Select or Kindle Unlimited.