Announcing a Giveaway!

Duty Demands was released just a week ago and hit #1 best seller status yesterday! See what some of the reviews have said so far:

“Wow! My favorite Elaine Owen book to date! I read a short segment of the book before it came out and could not wait to read the entire book. It is full of suspense, twists and turns of action, thought, and most importantly in feelings.”

“Elaine Owen has done it again with another great read! This author has a gift for keeping the original characters as they were and then adding completely plausible twists to their activities, thoughts, behaviors….and dare I say, to marital behaviors as well. This book travels into new territory for this mismatched couple, but keeps everything appropriate. The angst is palpable at times. Love the storm and star themes. Do not miss this incredible story! Keep writing, Elaine!”

“Highly Recommend this Wonderful Novel by a Fantastically Gifted Author!”

As part of the launch of Duty Demands, I am hosting an Amazon Giveaway. Simply follow the link below to tweet about Duty Demands, and have a chance of winning your own copy for free! If you don’t have a Twitter account, it’s easy to set one up, and one copy has already been awarded! Don’t miss your chance for a free copy today!

Click here for Giveaway!




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