New Five Star Review for Mr. Darcy’s Persistent Pursuit!

“I originally read this story on and immediately fell in love with it. Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite book so obviously I immerse myself in that world every chance I get. Ms. Owen’s writing is beautiful and even better is her understanding of the times in which the original book was written.

She has managed to write a completely fascinating story that stays true to character, yet is a refreshing “what if.”

I often struggle with Lydia’s ending. A part of me believes she got what she deserved in the original book, but a part of me is heartbroken for her because her choices were based on her upbringing. This story offers a different ending for Lydia…a more suitable one for everyone else concerned too.

Great book; I would read anything written by Ms. Owens.”

A big thank you to Electronics Enthusiast for her wonderful review!


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