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I am thrilled to announce that I was invited to be a part of Austen Authors, a blog dedicated to loving and sharing the work of Jane Austen with fans around the world. Although I have been a member of the page for several weeks now, the official announcement was made just two days ago. What an honor to be included in this amazing group of Jane Austen writers!

The Austen Authors promote Jane Austen’s novels and fan fiction by using a number of interactive tools to connect with as large an audience as possible. If you are a fan of Jane Austen and the fan fiction that is devoted to her work, you will want to check out this site! Just look at all the features you can enjoy:

Austen Authors author page This is where you’ll find each author’s biography, a description of their books, and have an opportunity to reach out to them via their social media sites.

An Austen novel read-along!   Did Sense and Sensibility never make sense to you?  Were you confused when Fanny Price chose Edward instead of Henry? Have you ever wondered why Lydia couldn’t just leave Wickham and come home? This is the place for you to ask those questions and to share your love of Austen novels with people who love them as much as you do! The Austen Authors just finished up a discussion of Lady Susan. What book will they pick next?

Exquisite Excerpts Where the Austen Authors show off completed works or works in progress.

Priceless Prose A place to read other works by the Austen Authors, including poems and deleted scenes.

And, of course, there’s the all-important Giveaway Page! There are giveaways each quarter, and sometimes authors do giveaways at other times as well.

Besides all this, there’s a new blog entry every day from one of the Austen Authors! Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always informative!

So come on over and check us out. Make sure to bookmark and come back often to indulge your love of all things Jane Austen!






One thought on “Austen Authors

  1. How lovely! Thanks SO much for sharing all the links, Elaine! We are delighted to welcome you to the blog, and SOOOOO appreciate your enthusiasm. Great things are on the horizon, I am sure of it!

    Cheers, Sharon


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