Eye Candy Time!

I have not the talent, which some others possess, of contriving witty titles and stylish turns of phrases with which to catch your interest. Their clever expressions and intelligent observations put mine quite to shame.

My apologies to Mr. Darcy for the poor paraphrase, but the point stands: The only thing I can say on this post is, watch this video! And then tell me, if you can, which of these men looks best in their period dress. I think they are all pretty nice eye candy, except for that be-wigged, clown-like guy close to the end–he’s creepy. But if you had to pick one of these men to escort you for a set at the next assembly, whose name would appear first on your dance card?

1. Mr. Darcy, first image

2. Robert Downey Jr., 17 seconds in

3. Christopher Reeve, 0:32

4. Who is that guy at the 1:00 mark?

5. Richard Gere, 1:15, mas oui

6. Edward Norton, 1:52. Hot!

7. Feathers at 2:00. Um, no.

8. Clown at 2:46. Double no, with fries.

Add comments below. Extra points for naming the film!


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