Calling All Men!


Or at least, all men who are Austen fans.

Most of the readers I have heard from have been, of course, female (shout out to Tim, wherever you are!), but I know that there are Austen fans of the male persuasion out there as well. You know them–the ones with P&P downloads carefully concealed on their Kindle, who make sure to open up at least twenty other books before handing the device over to you, so that P&P won’t show on the first page. Or the ones riding the subway with their copy of Persuasion tucked inside the pages of a graphic novel. Or the ones who put on the P&P movie (the 1995 version!) and watch ALL OF IF with you, because, they insist, they know how important it is to YOU. (Sure it is.)

Or maybe you don’t. They are, after all, a breed apart. Who really *wants* to be compared to Mr. Darcy, after all?

One of my favorite JAFF’s is “What Would Jane Austen Do?”, a short story published in Jane Austen Made Me Do It: Original Stories inspired by Literature’s most Astute Observer of the Human Heart, in which a high-school aged boy shows everyone that it’s, like, totally cool for guys to do ECD (English Country Dance) and wear a collared shirt and tie to school each day. And to use Austen to pick up chicks!

So this is a shout out to all you closeted, male P&P fans out there. You can post here if that applies to you. Go ahead, we won’t tell. 🙂

Now, let’s go watch some Colin Firth together.


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