Flying High!

A BIG thank you all my readers and enthusiastic supporters! Last night, sales of my books topped the 3,000 mark. That’s 3,000 in just under a month! You guys rock! And a big shout-out to the readers on (go check it out!) whose unbridled support has made this possible.

Now, on to the next novel!


2 thoughts on “Flying High!

  1. Hoe can you call Persuasion one of Miss Austen’s lesser known works. It may not be her most popular work but is clearly her best. Written near the end of her life when she likely knee she was dying.

    And most swoon worthy was the same Captain Wentworth’ s letter to Anne after eight years of making himself a better man with nothing but his own resources, unlike the eight months a silver spooned Mr Darcy spent to make himself more palatable to Elizabeth. What woman would not swoon on receiving such a letter.

    Change of subject, loved Mr Darcy’ s persistence in your book. Off to leave a positive review on Amazon and Goodreads.


  2. Thank you so much for the feedback, Mary! I enjoyed reading your review!

    I personally love Persuasion, but it is sadly not as well known as P&P, Emma, or Sense & Sensibility. And yes, I swoon over Captain Wentworth and that letter!


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