Read Tuesday!


Tomorrow, December 9th, is ReadTuesday, a new event spontaneously generated by under-selling authors on Amazon.

No, seriously, it is.

It seems that December is a tough month for a lot of writers. When people are out shopping for gifts for their loved ones, whether they shop online or at the mall, they aren’t buying a lot of books. And this is a problem, because since writers are generally paid about sixty days after you buy one of their books, the middle of December is when they realize that February and March are going to get really ugly. (If you ever invite a writer to one of your holiday parties, be sure to wrap up the leftovers for them, and make sure it’s food that freezes well.)

So one of the self-published writers on Amazon came up with the idea of ReadTuesday, which you can read all about here.   In an effort to boost sagging sales, and also to increase literacy (Really? In one day?) participating authors agree to deep discounts and terrific bargains on their books for you. They are not kidding about this. There are discount codes available for Kindle books, books on CreateSpace, deals on Smashwords, you name it.

My own books, published within the last 30 days, are too new to be eligible to be included in ReadTuesday. But they still make terrific gifts! And please, take a look at the ReadTuesday page to check out the amazing gifts that will be available for the book lovers in your life.


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